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On #WorldMalariaDay and every day, Nuru Kenya works to #EndMalaria

| Healthcare | No Comments

World Malaria Day is observed annually on April 25 to raise awareness of the global effort to control, prevent, and ultimately eradicate malaria. World Malaria Day, which was first observed…

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Nuru Education Celebrates World Book Day 2017

| Education | No Comments

Last year, the Nuru Education team celebrated World Book and Copyright Day by sharing their favorite books and why they love to read. This year, the Nuru Ethiopia Education team…

Cover Photo_End of Outreach

Nuru Kenya Education outreach program ends, new beginnings await

| Education | 4 Comments

The end of the 2016 school year in Kenya signals an end and a new beginning. After five years of lessons taught and of students impacted, Nuru Kenya Education is…

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Here’s how Nuru Ethiopia is encouraging girls to attend school

| Education | One Comment

In almost every public building in the U.S., there’s a restroom. At the mall, restaurants, schools, government buildings, stores—clean, spacious restrooms abound. In rural Ethiopia, many families lack access to…

Eunice Matingi Marwa, a Nuru Kenya farmer

This brand new partnership is helping farmers like Eunice

| Agriculture | No Comments

Eunice is nearing her 60th birthday. Though now a widow, she is proud to be mother to 10 children and grandmother to over 30 grandchildren. Since 2010 she has been a…

Hidota Union General Assembly wait to vote on union establishment.

Nuru Ethiopia introduces Hidota Union, run exclusively by farmer members

| Agriculture | One Comment

In July 2016, Nuru Ethiopia celebrated with the community as smallholder farmers passed a key milestone: successfully facilitating the formation of the Hidota Grain Producer Farmer’s Cooperative Union PLC. This is…

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