At the heart of the Nuru Model is a commitment to leadership sustainability and financial sustainability (see Nuru Social Enterprises).

Leadership Sustainability

The Leadership Program plays a critical role in our ability to achieve our mission. We’ve adopted the “servant leadership” philosophy, which is based on the idea that an individual can achieve far more as a leader by bringing out the best in those he or she leads. Ultimately, Nuru seeks to remove physical, emotional, and psychological constraints that prevent local leaders from effectively and permanently ending extreme poverty.

Jane Omanga, Leadership Program Manager, at a Nuru Kenya leadership meeting.

Nuru Ethiopia staff members.

Nuru focuses on restoring agency in local leaders and building the opportunity structure necessary to sustain and scale programs. To accomplish this, we use the following co-creation process:

  1. Promote agency of local staff
    Local leaders and community members see themselves as change agents and not merely passive recipients of aid.
  2. Sustain opportunity structures to encourage critical thinking, feedback, and debate
    Local leaders and community members become change agents by actively providing their viewpoints in open and safe environments.
  3. Equip local staff to manage programs and make all decisions
    Local leaders are involved in both planning and managing the poverty-fighting solutions for their communities. Over time, they are trained and empowered to fully operate all programs without dependency on any expat staff.

For a complete overview of our leadership philosophy, methodology, process, curriculum, monitoring and evaluation, download the Nuru Leadership Program Manual.

An award-winning video about Philip Mohochi, the former Chairman of Nuru Kenya.

Financial Sustainability

Our goal is for local leaders to run a community development organization that is financially self-sustaining. That’s why Nuru International established Nuru Social Enterprises (NSE) to fund sustainable poverty eradication.

NSE incubates a diverse portfolio of profitable businesses in the developing world. Profits from these businesses are distributed to shareholders and reinvested into the local community development organization. NSE’s investment portfolio currently includes poultry, dairy and consumer products.

Through NSE, investors fund start-ups in developing markets. In-country profits from these businesses are distributed to shareholders and NSE. Nuru Social Enterprises uses the profit to enable Nuru’s impact programs to provide the communities it serves with meaningful choices while continuing to scale.

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