Fragile States

Volatile countries with weak governments are home to the world’s most vulnerable population.

Fragile states — low-income countries characterized by weak governments, violence and volatility —contribute disproportionately to global instability. Even worse, those living in fragile states are the world’s most vulnerable population. Beyond protecting its members from violence in the streets, families constantly fear becoming the next victims of kidnapping, rape, torture, slavery or senseless killing.

The lack of effective governance creates a ripe environment for terrorism, insurgency, coup attempts, armed militia and rebellion. Extremists fuel their ranks by offering food or education in exchange for allegiance — thriving on an imbalance of power between the haves and have nots. Families in remote rural areas are geographically isolated and too often live trapped in extreme poverty; they lack the power to oppose the extremists and lack choices to be anything other than prey.

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Our vision to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas reflects our ultimate aim to reach people living in the most isolated, impoverished, unstable places on earth. We are in the process of developing an unique approach of assembling resources, designing strategy, and building capacity to work in fragile state environments. We believe enabling households in rural areas to overcome poverty creates the framework for what could become an effective nation-building platform and promotes greater global stability for us all.

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