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Nuru’s Education Program is increasing child literacy to the Standard 2 level for primary school-aged children attending public schools in rural communities

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Education Program Transitions to Local Leadership

Posted on April 15,2014 by Jimmy Leak

On March 14, 2014, the Education Program celebrated becoming the first program at Nuru to successfully transfer all day-to-day operations from expatriate staff to local Kenyan staff. After nearly two years, my role as Education Program Manager/Facilitator for Nuru Kenya has come to an end. I have now transitioned to Nuru Kenya Strategic Consultant ... Read more...

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Nuru Education team presents new curriculum

A New Curriculum from the Nuru Kenya Education Team

Feb 06,2014

After months of hard work, the Education Team rolled out its new curriculum to begin the school year on January 6, 2014. George Nyamweya, our Training Manager, and Jolene McCall, Education Intern have... Read more...
Nuru Education Training Team

Introducing the Education Training Team

Oct 31,2013

With the Education Program’s expansion into Mabera this year, and further expansion in the future, we determined that our Training Manager George Nyamweya could not be in the two different places at... Read more...
Nuru Kenya Education Team is strong!

Nuru Kenya Education Team Grows Stronger

Sep 26,2013

For the second straight year, Nuru’s Education team was faced with a long national teacher strike. Last year, the strike lasted nearly three weeks. This year the strike over pay closed schools for n... Read more...