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Topics include:

  • Why Extreme Poverty is the Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of Our Generation
  • The Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation in International Development
  • How and Why Nuru International was Founded
  • How Nuru Enables People Living in Extreme Poverty to Exercise Their Power to Create Change
  • The Power of Servant Leadership
  • The Link Between Terrorism and Extreme Poverty

“Having a Nuru representative speak at your conference is a game changer to be sure. Your attendees get to witness firsthand the sustainable impact Nuru is having in Kenya. Your attendees get to see firsthand the full lifecycle approach that Nuru has taken in conjunction with its supporters to end extreme poverty in our lifetime.”

Jay Zimmerman, Founder, No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Series

Jake Harriman

Founder & CEO, Nuru International, @jakenuru

Jake graduated with distinction from the US Naval Academy and served seven-and-a-half years as an Infantry and Special Operations Platoon Commander in the Marine Corps. He led four operational deployments and was awarded the Bronze Star for actions in combat. Jake’s experiences convinced him that the War on Terror can’t be won on the battlefield alone; the contributing causes of terrorism–specifically extreme poverty–must also be eradicated. Jake left the military and enrolled at Stanford Graduate School of Business to found Nuru International. Upon graduation, Jake led a team to launch Nuru’s first project in Kenya.

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Billy Williams

Strategic Partnerships Director @chanchanchepon

Billy has spearheaded our grassroots movement since Nuru’s inception and catalyzed its growth from a handful of volunteers to thousands of poverty fighters. As Nuru’s lead advocate and storyteller, Billy has been invited to share at events around the country. He is a consummate networker and has been instrumental in building relationships with movements like the ONE Campaign. Billy is as passionate about ending extreme poverty as he is about his home state of West Virginia. And if you are seated next to him on a plane, at an adjacent table at Starbucks, or trapped with him in an elevator, he’ll be sure to invite you to join our efforts, too.

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