Dubana Bulo, Ethiopia

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About Dubana Bulo

GPS: latitude 6.510235°, longitude 37.696780°

Elevation: 5871 ft / 1789 meters

Population: 634 households / 3,188 people

Nuru Members: 153 farmer households / 918 people

First harvest: October, 2014

Our Work
  • Register small farmers with the cooperative
  • Form farmers into groups to work together
  • Loan high quality seed and fertilizer with Nuru’s advice and funding
  • Provide extensive technical training
  • Promote crop diversification and resilience to environmental fluctuations
  • Loan repayment after harvest
  • Facilitate access to markets for surplus produce
  • Create financial sustainability for the cooperative and pay dividends to farmers
Goals for 2016
  • Increase crop yields, agricultural income, and decrease food insecurity and hunger.
  • Maintain high loan repayment for input loans.
  • Foster the leadership and financial sustainability of Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Program partner cooperative societies through training and mentorship.
  • Implement Nuru’s Healthcare, Education, and Financial Inclusion Programs in Dubana Bulo.
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Dubana Bulo is a kebele (an Amharic word that means neighborhood) in Southern Ethiopia with 721 households. It is located in the lowlands near Lake Abaya, and is vulnerable to drought. The land is rocky and the soil depleted of nutrients from inefficient farming methods. Combined with a lack of quality seeds and increasingly fluctuating weather patterns, malnutrition is a common, resulting in pregnant mothers after developing anemia. The majority live in extreme poverty and experience chronic hunger and preventable disease.

“A number of people in this kebele, including myself, they are not getting enough food to feed their families.”

-Ermias Gona, Farmer

Nuru was invited to Dubana Bulo by local elders and government officials. After extensive fact-finding and community engagement, we identified and began developing local leaders to create their own solutions to their community’s challenges.

With ongoing support from Nuru, these local leaders organized farmers into a cooperative society for farmers to access technical training, group-based support, extension services, farm input loans, and crop commercialization services. Farmers then formed groups of 6-8 farmers to learn and practice technical training, take a loan of high quality inputs including seed and fertilizer, and work their farm plots together.

Crops were first planted in early 2014, and the community had an 90% increase in yield compared to baseline. Currently Nuru is working to implement its Healthcare, Education, and Financial Inclusion interventions in Dubana Bulo households, as well as facilitate strengthening agricultural cooperatives in Dubana Bulo.

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Dubana Bulo will open soon. Please check out to Hambisa to become a Catalyst today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go?

100% of your funding will go toward furthering Nuru’s mission of ending extreme poverty in remote rural areas. Our team will make every effort to use the money you contribute to fund our work in this specific kebele, but, knowing that as a year progresses the area of greatest need for Nuru’s mission to be accomplished can and likely will change, we ask your permission to use the funds you give us to address the area of greatest need at Nuru during any given point in the year.

When will my donations start?

When you become a Catalyst member, you give your credit card information and make your first donation. Each month, on that day of the month, your subsequent donations will be made.

What if Dubana Bulo isn’t fully funded?

Nuru has already begun work in this community thanks to a wide array of generous donors like you. Our long-term goal is to use the Catalyst program build a more stable and consistent funding base for our programs on the ground. Your commitment to the Catalyst program also helps Nuru save trees, time, and money as we continue to move this mission forward together.

Why a recurring (monthly) donation?

Recurring giving is the best way to support the work of Nuru because it ensures that families in Ethiopia have ongoing access to Nuru’s programs while enhancing our ability to plan and grow. If you’d like to give a one-time donation to fund Nuru’s work, click here.

Can I change my monthly giving amount / log into my account?

Yes. Donations are processed through a company called Classy. They handle the donations for some of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations, and they have a great online system for you to manage your account and view your giving history.

What if I want to give an amount other than what’s indicated above?

We welcome any recurring amount in the Catalyst program. Just click the “Become a Catalyst” button and enter the amount you wish to give. You’ll still receive exclusive updates and bonuses nearest to the level you’re closest to.

Can I write or contact the family I support?

We do not provide Catalyst members with the ability to contact a specific family. Rather, we will provide Catalyst members with exclusive videos, updates, and reports that will make it feel like you’re walking through the community, taking coffee in someone’s home, and working in the fields alongside Nuru members and their families. If you become a Catalyst supporter at the Farmer Group level, you will be able to have a video chat with a Nuru staff member.

Will there be a Catalyst program for Nuru Kenya too?

Nuru International has designed its programs to be self-sufficient over time. As Nuru Kenya matures, fewer funds are required to fuel the poverty fighting work. Additionally, Nuru received a generous grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust that will fund the vast majority of Nuru Kenya’s needs.

Do I have to give online?

If you’d rather give via check, please contact East Coast Development Director Billy Williams at billy.williams@nuruinternational.org.

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