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Nuru International’s Agriculture Program focuses on addressing the need of hunger in communities that live in situations of extreme poverty. How does Nuru International Agriculture Program address the need of hunger? To take a closer look at this question, let’s discuss a hypothetical example of one farmer. Chacha, a farmer in Kuria West, Kenya, has   …Continue Reading

In the Nuru International Agriculture Program, I often find myself planning and anticipating what’s to come: the next few years, the next season, the next activity in the field, or the next month’s outlook for rain. Nuru International’s Agriculture Program is growing, with a robust program under Nuru Kenya and a nascent program under Nuru   …Continue Reading

Today, I have the privilege of introducing our newest addition to the Community Economic Development (CED) team, Mr. Ibrahim Sifuna. Mr. Sifuna was hired as Nuru Kenya, Community Economic Development Program District Manager as of January 2013. Mr. Sifuna was born in Kakamega District, western Kenya. He is married and a father of six children.   …Continue Reading

Kenya has a bi-modal rain pattern, meaning it has two rainy seasons. The “short rains” season occurs from October to December, while the “long rains” begin in late February and last up to June. As the long rains season approaches, the Nuru Kenya Agriculture program has started one of the most logistically intense operations of   …Continue Reading

I had a great opportunity to visit Proximity Designs and see the work that they’ve been doing in Myanmar. I got to spend time with the design group, led by David Klaus, which is now busy producing a new plastic pump and water basket for farmers there. This group performs needs finding in the community,   …Continue Reading

I recently returned to the States from a visit with the education team in Kenya. We covered a lot of ground in two short weeks. Today, I’ll pass along the highlights from my trip. During my visit with the team, I shadowed outreach throughout Isibania division and worked with the team on areas of growth.   …Continue Reading

Is there a right way to build a business that is meant to sustain charitable activities? This is a hot debate around Nuru Income Generating Activities (IGA) right now. Should the business also provide positive community impact, or should it focus entirely on maximizing profits and hope to “do no harm”? Is it a social   …Continue Reading

With Feedback training in full swing and our Field Managers busy practicing and delivering the training, the Leadership District Managers decided that this would be the perfect time for us to turn our attention to the coming year. While it may seem like the new year is still far away, we have a few big   …Continue Reading

Days are busy at the Regional Training Center for Nuru Kenya Agriculture Program staff. With the planting season looming, the staff are preparing to issue agricultural input loans and then subsequently distribute fertilizer and seed to farmers all over Kuria West. In 2013, the program will be working in seven new sublocations. Additionally, the farmer   …Continue Reading

The Research and Development (R&D) Program has been hard at work developing the different teams of the program: Product Design, Production/Servicing, and Logistics. Here’s a quick overview of what each team has been up to. Product Design: We’ve decided to focus our skills in finding and selecting products that have proven impact. There are many great ideas   …Continue Reading