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The following blog was written by Biruk Enaro, Leadership Training Manager at Nuru Ethiopia, describing a crucial part of the Program Planning Process. In the past five weeks the Nuru Ethiopia Leadership team has finished leading Research Packet (RP) analysis training for the first time, in the Program Planning Process (PPP) for our Community Economic Development (CED) impact program.   …Continue Reading

Andrew Okoth Ochieng’ reflects on his recent move to the Leadership Program to take on the position of Training Officer. I first joined Nuru Kenya in August of 2012 as an Education Coordinator with the Education Program. This program’s goal is to improve literacy for pupils in rural public schools to standard two level. Pupils in every   …Continue Reading

While many school children in the U.S. are starting their summer vacations, Kenya’s schools are in the middle of the 2014 school year.  Nuru’s Education Program has been working with 17 schools across two divisions with almost 6,000 students for the last 6 months.   In Mabera Division, the team has welcomed a few new   …Continue Reading

From June 18th to 20th a group of organizations convened for the Mulago Foundation Agriculture Summit. Representation included COMACO, Farm Shop, Innovations for Poverty Action, Juhudi Kilimo, KickStart, KOMAZA, Mountain Hazelnuts, Mulago Foundation, MyAgro, Nuru International, One Acre Fund, Proximity Design, Rainer Arnhold Fellows, Root Capital, Sanergy, Working Villages International, Praekelt Foundation, FarmForce, Center for   …Continue Reading

When is the last time you swiped a credit card or paid for a purchase online?  For most of us, these transactions are so commonplace that we rarely give them a second thought. But, did you know that half of the world is unbanked, or without access to formal financial services? In fact, according to   …Continue Reading

As the rainy season draws to a close the Nuru Kenya Agriculture (NK Ag) team is preparing for a busy and fruitful harvest season. The 2014 long rains season was a fresh start for the NK Ag team after the challenges of 2013. It was also a season of firsts as Nuru introduced farmers to   …Continue Reading

The Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Team is excited to share an update of the 2014 belg season planting through photographs. Nuru Ethiopia farmers have seen amazing growth and progress since starting to plant in March and April and continuing to thrive through May. As these farmers continue to diligently work their land, we will share their results.  Nuru   …Continue Reading

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the UN International Day of Families. This day serves as a reminder to reflect on the importance of the family unit’s role in development and in everyday life.[1] In Kenya, family structure can vary a lot, but regardless of what form it takes, family is very important in the   …Continue Reading

Crops shine a healthy dark green as they grow tall, bear flowers, shed pollen and are forming grain on Nuru farmer fields in Kenya and Ethiopia. Harvest season is on the horizon and the outlook is bright. This mid-season update reviews the activities of Nuru International’s Agriculture Program and provides an overview of the state   …Continue Reading

Robert Kihara, Senior Training Manager in the Leadership Program in Nuru Kenya, shares his reflections on piloting Level 2 training with Project Management 2. At the fullness of time, the boat was pushed into the waters and the wonderful rowing team set off to what would turn out to be a very adventurous trip in   …Continue Reading