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While Nuru is hard at work on the ground in Kenya and Ethiopia, working with local leaders to build the knowledge and tools needed to end the cycle of poverty, the ONE Campaign is working hard to raise public awareness and to advocate on behalf of the people and programs that are making important strides   …Continue Reading

Nuru International emphasizes a learning approach in the design, planning, and execution of its programming. Periods of reflection and review afford the opportunity to revise, adapt, and iterate on the way we work. This blog speaks to an example of how the learning approach has been applied to the Agriculture Program in Ethiopia in planning   …Continue Reading

Now that the Leadership team has completed the Financial Inclusion (formerly CED) Program Planning Process (PPP), we have more time to widen our scope to other concerns for the rest of the Nuru Ethiopia team. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce the concept of our Leadership Workshops. While Nuru Ethiopia already   …Continue Reading

The harvest season has arrived in Boreda Ethiopia.  As farmers across the wereda work hard to bring their crops in from the field, Nuru is happy to share these photos of the abundant harvest.   Nuru farmers in Hambisa kebele stacking their maize on their plot after a great harvest. The maize will dry in   …Continue Reading

The week of August 20th marked the end of the Program Planning Process (PPP) for our Community Economic Development (CED) program. It has been a very full 6 months with little time to reflect on all that we have accomplished thus far. This is also the first time that the local Leadership Program team has   …Continue Reading

Robi Claret, Computer Training Manager (CTM), shares thoughts on her experience training Nuru Kenya teams on computer skills. An additional task of the Nuru Kenya Leadership Program is to equip Nuru staff with computer knowledge and skills so that they can run their programs more efficiently and effectively. This role has been very exciting for   …Continue Reading

Recently, Nuru’s CEO Jake Harriman was nominated to participate in the White House Champions of Change program. Through this program, The White House recognizes everyday Americans who are doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. This particular Champions of Change event will honor veterans who exemplify entrepreneurship. It will also provide others looking to start   …Continue Reading


The harvest season has arrived in Kuria West.  As farmers across the district work hard to bring their crops in from the field, Nuru is happy to share these photos of the abundant maize harvest.   A Nuru farmer uses oxen to carry maize from his farm to his house. Once the maize arrives at   …Continue Reading

In 2013, Ermias Gona Waja harvested four bags of maize and one bag of beans from his half-hectare plot in the village of Dubana Bullo. His beans barely sustained him and his family through the hunger season, and his maize brought him no surplus and no profits. He was living hand-to-mouth, unable to even imagine   …Continue Reading

It seems like just yesterday we had begun the Program Planning Process (PPP) with our Community Economic Development (CED) program. However, here we stand months down the line and we are just wrapping up the final details with the CED team for program implementation in the final quarter of the year. And so far, we   …Continue Reading