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The Nuru Kenya Agriculture Team is excited to share the beginnings of the 2014 long rains growing season through photographs. As these farmers continue to diligently work on their shambas (farms), we will share their progress. So, check back soon!   A farmer group works together planting maize following receiving planting training from their Nuru   …Continue Reading

Within this update, Ichobwe Paul Rioba, a Training Officer in the Leadership Program with Nuru Kenya, writes a wonderful description of how he utilizes leadership principles day to day. Below, find Ichobwe’s reflections on past challenges and his hopes for Nuru Kenya. It’s a pleasure to have to opportunity to describe my experiences during my   …Continue Reading

Last October, my wife Jamie and I joined 22 runners from around the country who ran the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) on Team Nuru International. Together we raised over $25,000 to support Nuru’s efforts. It was amazing to run together in our nation’s capital with over 30,000 runners from around the world. As we ran,   …Continue Reading

On March 14, 2014, the Education Program celebrated becoming the first program at Nuru to successfully transfer all day-to-day operations from expatriate staff to local Kenyan staff. After nearly two years, my role as Education Program Manager/Facilitator for Nuru Kenya has come to an end. I have now transitioned to Nuru Kenya Strategic Consultant and   …Continue Reading

Nuru’s Agriculture Programs in Kenya and Ethiopia have launched crop operations in 2014 holding crop diversification as a central element. What is crop diversification? What are its pros and cons? How is it being deployed in Nuru? Crop diversification is the practice of producing a variety of crops in a farm enterprise or system. Diversification   …Continue Reading

I had the great fortune of attending the Servant Leadership Winter Conference this past February. It was hosted by the Servant Leadership Institute and the theme was “Changing the Game.” Until late last year when I signed up for this conference, I did not know there was a Servant Leadership Institute. It provides services and   …Continue Reading

Maize and haricot beans, according to the strengths and needs assessment carried out by Nuru International’s Monitoring and Evaluation team last year, are two of the most important subsistence crops that farmers in Boreda depend on (2013). Further research undertaken by the Agriculture Program team has shown that most farmers plant maize and beans on   …Continue Reading

The people I work with at Nuru inspire me daily. Everyone is so committed to the farmers we are working for. Joseph Itaroro is no exception. He works tirelessly as the Healthcare Field Manager in Kehancha Division. Joseph is at his best when he is meeting with the Nuru Healthcare home visit Field Officers that   …Continue Reading

Sustainability is a complex word with multiple meanings. In the agricultural sector, it is important to consider how to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. My colleague, Matt Lineal, wrote this blog on the environmental sustainability of Nuru’s Agriculture Program back in May 2013. Another important type of sustainability is financial sustainability. Nuru uses its Social   …Continue Reading

Over the past five years, I have spent most of my days kicking up dust as I walked from field to field visiting farmers in rural Kenya and Ethiopia; but on Sunday, February 23, 2014, I found myself at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet His Holiness the   …Continue Reading