Above all else, we are committed to using our time, talents, and skills to enable people to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Nuru humbly believes in…

The Power of Those Struggling Against Poverty

We believe the most powerful solutions for ending extreme poverty lie within the very same people who live in it every single day. Any organization working to eradicate poverty without a partnership from people living in extreme poverty is failing to address the most important aspect of this work: giving individuals the opportunity to realize the beauty and fullness of their own potential. We help break the cycle of extreme poverty by listening to their needs and ideas; providing training in analysis, synthesis and design; and co-creating an ecosystem where they can exercise their power to create change. Investing in and empowering local leaders is the base for lasting, effective solutions at a national level.

A Nuru Ethiopia farmer and his family prepare their fields for fertilizer and topdressing

An Ethiopian primary school student raises his hand in class

Servant Leadership

We believe in the power of servant leadership, which means: humbly putting the needs of others first and serving oneself last; treating others with authentic respect—regardless of his or her present socioeconomic status or station in life—living in and integrating into the communities we serve; admitting when we are wrong; and listening, learning, and building solutions together with those we serve.


We hold ourselves accountable to the people we serve as well as to the rest of our stakeholders. We promote best practices in integrated, grassroots development and cultivate credibility in our work, ideas, and approach through open collaboration—both inside and outside the organization.

A group of Nuru Ethiopia farmers’ children laugh and their parents work their fields.

Fail Fast, Learn Fast

We believe we must continually learn and adapt. In the fight against extreme poverty, there is no room for egos. We systematically challenge our own philosophies, methodologies, and biases to identify ways we can improve, and we try to learn from everyone with whom we come into contact. We believe in robustly testing new ideas and taking responsible risks to promote innovation—because we believe that if we fail, we become better.

Sustainability and Scalability

We design transferrable systems and workflows that can quickly address need, create lasting impact, and facilitate our expansion to more countries. Everything we do is to support our vision to reach a global population in a lasting way. Resources are limited, and the need is both urgent and overwhelming. The heart of the Nuru Model is to deliver a self-renewing and self-sustaining pipeline of leaders and finances to enable lasting change in extremely poor remote rural communities. Our projects must operate efficiently and effectively without dependency on long-term international support.

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