Above all else, we are committed to using our time, talents, and skills to enable people to lift themselves out of extreme poverty, become more resilient, and have meaningful choices in a safe world. Nuru humbly believes in…

Fail Fast, Learn Fast:

We are constantly learning in an effort to improve our work and to improve the lives of those we serve. We are agile and can pivot and adapt as needed to maximize efficiency and impact.

A Nuru Ethiopia farmer and his family prepare their fields for fertilizer and topdressing

An Ethiopian primary school student raises his hand in class


We believe in the power of people to lead their communities out of extreme poverty and we ensure our program activities promote this perspective. We believe that all people have a right to make meaningful choices about their life regardless of their GPS location.


We are not afraid to be bold. We will operate in the places where others will not. We will take on great challenges. We are biased toward smart, decisive action.

A group of Nuru Ethiopia farmers’ children laugh and their parents work their fields.


We are open about who we are and what we are fighting for. We share our results so others can learn from our successes AND our mistakes.

Servant Leadership:

We train our staff, leaders, and families to put the needs of others first. Whether a donor, a staff member, or a farmer’s child, we believe in treating every stakeholder with care.

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