We are grateful to each and every one of our supporters for catching hold of the Nuru vision, donating generously and making our work possible.

Lead Funders ($300,001+)

Special thanks to a leading philanthropic foundation for their generous support.


The Helmsley Charitable Trust aspires to improve lives by supporting exceptional nonprofits and other mission-aligned organizations in the United States and around the world in health, selected place-based initiatives, and education and human services.


The Robertson Foundation provides support for an array of charitable entities that focus on education, environment, medical research, religion & spirituality and more.

Visionaries ($100,001-$300,000)

Alex and Polly Ryerson

Gene Sykes


Peter and Amy Wagner

Gayla and Kevin Compton

Meet the Kidd Family

“Nuru is one of the most innovative groups that we’ve seen. We aren’t aware of any other nonprofit organization that strives to be in and out of a community and have it not only be self-sustaining but also funding expansion in a short period. We also don’t know of any other organizations that hope to be gone in our lifetime because they’ve solved the issue they’ve been tackling.”

Torchbearers ($10,001-$100,000)

Alan Waxman

Anonymous (4)

David Fischer

David and Lavila Nancarrow

Don and Katie Faul

Erol Foundation

Heather Haaga

Hoku Foundation

Jay Zimmerman

Joe Gleberman

John and Melissa Hancox

John Hurley

Krishnan-Shah Family Foundation

Marie Halley

Mukesh Patel

Mulago Foundation

Peery Foundation

The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation

William Duhamel

Taweel Family Fund

The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation

Meet the Dodson Family

“There is no one standard answer to ending extreme poverty. Every area and community faces different challenges. Nuru provides problem-solving methods and education to each community and then works to form a customized plan. This allows the natural leaders within a specific area to work with their own community to lift themselves up out of poverty.

“Nuru empowers people instead of just giving handouts and gives people the tools to help themselves. As native West Virginians, Jeff and I are extremely proud to be supporters of Nuru since the beginning. It has been heart swelling to watch Nuru grow, not only on the ground in Kenya and Ethiopia, but also as word has spread around the world of the organization’s impact.”

Provide a loan of maize seed and fertilizer to a Nuru farmer.

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